​DIY Personalized Exercise Plans

Trainer Joe’s Personalized and Customized Exercise Plans and Meal Plans!

Muscle Confusion is the key to an efficient workout strategy, but most people lack the knowledge to implement this strategy effectively. Now, Trainer Joe’s makes this easy with personal exercise plans taking into consideration your specific body, challenges, and goals. We use the latest research on everything from your blood type to your body type, and we genuinely frown upon a one size fits all mentality.

Trainer Joe believes fitness is a self-help journey; with this kind of guidance, you can continue to take the self-improvement journey independently and privately.

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DIY Service includes– Initial 20-minute consultation (scheduled in advance)- Unlimited Workout routines once communication on the progress of your last workoutroutine is received. These routines are meant to be challenging but achievable withhard work and perseverance. All workout routines are written with your specific fitnessgoals in mind. If you have specific exercise equipment, it can be written into yourroutines.- Discount on Online Personal Training sessions- Nutrition Packages Available (included in specific packages)
Here’s a sample workout
SAMPLE WORKOUTPlease keep in mind that this is a very basic workout and is not geared for anyone specifically, DIY clients have their workouts designed specifically with them in mind.

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