Meet Trainer Joe


Joseph Anthony Amoroso, “Trainer Joe,” is a 26 Year Experienced Celebrity Master Trainer and Self Help Personality. He is a successful business owner and public figure with countless success stories. He credits his success to his mindset-first approach to health and fitness.

As you may have known, Trainer Joe has competed in Strongman Competitions, played Semi-Professional Football, and is considered one of the best personal trainers in the country.   An amateur Quantum Physicist, Philosopher, and Master of Metaphysics since the age of 13, Joe brings a unique approach to coaching.  Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Start Today Feel Better Tomorrow

Trainer Joe is known for his work with Angel Models, Professional Sports Organizations, Professional Wrestlers, and Stars on Stage & Screen. During his 26-year career working in high-end fitness clubs in NYC, Greenwich, CT, and New Jersey, Joe has become one of the best in the industry. Joe’s Training is based on Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology, and his style is considered highly effective for anyone at any level. No one has ever failed by doing as he asks; his success rate is second to none. 

His services were once exclusive to Talent Agencies, Professional Wrestling, and Angel Models. He is now available worldwide via online services. His positive mindset approach has made him highly effective as a Life Coach and Trainer.​

Live Online Training expert for the last ten years - 26 Incredible Years of Life Changing Experience