​Modeling & Talent Agency Services

This is service is one of many things that separates Trainer Joe (personally) from everyone else. This high-pressure training service is a scenario Joe thrives.

Do you have a model needing a striated shoulder in 3 weeks? Do you have an Actress who has to be on Broadway with a six-pack in 6 weeks? Have someone who can not physically perform a task or a stunt? These are all things Trainer Joe has accomplished in minute sets of time. Joe has proven time and time again that with advanced know-how, spot reduction is not only possible but can be mastered when appropriately applied.

There are contracts available where agencies can send a test client for a set amount of time or purchase with a 90-day guarantee; this is how confident Trainer Joe is in getting results. He is the best of the best. Let us prove it to you risk-free. We also offer talent contracts based on moderate percentages.

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