Semi-Private Personal Training




Join Trainer Joe’s Semi-private community of trainees, and we will match you up with the group (up to 6) and the best time slot that fits your schedule.  This is also an excellent option for anyone who wants to train with someone else in the home, husband/wife, father/mother/daughter/son, etc.

Semi-private training sessions are only held during specific time slots. Please see the Private Personal Training page if you need more flexible availability.

Please Note:  This is not the same as small group training. We do not believe in the one-size fits all approach.  Each person will have a set of exercises geared to them, their goals, and their skill level every day they are training.  This is a highly advanced personal training technique.  The programming is constantly varied, just like your life. Our expert Coaches will take you through from start to finish ensuring the results you want. Your custom nutritional guidance is included as long as you train at least twice weekly. Semi-Private training sessions can be for any goal. Make sure to discuss your specific goals and needs during your consultation.

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