​Sports Specific Training




​No matter your choice of sport, Trainer Joe’s has you putting your best foot forward. We take the individual person, body type, sport, strengths/weaknesses, injuries, and mindset into creating an athletic-based program for your specific needs.

One of our favorite pro athlete stories came midway in my career when a Young NBA prospect said he was the best and could handle anything I threw at him. The athlete was in excellent condition but had never experienced this training style before. WITHIN 30 MINUTES, HE HAD TEARS IN HIS EYES AND WAS READY TO GIVE UP! I explained to him how if he never challenged himself, he would never grow, and we went on to train with this understanding, It’s going to be hard and challenging, but in the end, YOU WILL BE STRONGER< FASTER, AND BETTER FOR DOING IT!!!!” – Trainer Joe


  • Athletic Rehabilitation
  • Lower your center of gravity
  • Work on sports-based motions and drills
  • Agility Focused Plyometric Training for complex functions
  • Become bigger, stronger, better, and faster
  • Improve mindset and focus​
  • Less frequent injuries
  • Stronger core
  • Better balance

Sports our clients have trained for: Tennis Golf, Football, Baseball, Basketball, LaCrosse, Wrestling, Boxing, Swimming, Rowing, Hockey, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Volleyball, and Snowboarding

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