​Weight Loss Training




  • 5 Times Faster than traditional personal training! Every muscle is worked in each and every session. We are not just experts in exercise, we are experts on exercise science.
  • Rehabilitate injuries while reaching your goals. Each session will not only give you a great workout but will give relief to any injuries, big or small. You will walk out feeling better than ever!
  • Every work out is a body specific workout geared to work with your body chemistry.
  • Muscle Confusion is KEY. You will see a different workout every session, our clients who have been with us for 10 years are amazed by this!
  • The beauty of Spot Modifications/Reductions. (Butt bigger/smaller, arms toned/sleek/muscular, hips wider/slimmer, chest bigger/smaller, etc.) Using the latest fitness technology and knowledge, we can do anything listed above. Before you consider plastic surgery come in for training towards specific body parts and get results!​
  • Supplement Evaluations and nutritional guidance are included in most packages.

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